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Our mission is to provide world-class continued medical education for all doctors, everywhere. All Surge programs are currently provided on a donation basis. However, some courses require a minimum donation. If you are living in an underserved region, or are limited by outstanding circumstances, you may apply for our Educational Scholarship Program.

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From the Community

Dr. Ahmed Al Asfoor
Plastic Surgeon
“Dr Ahmed Alasfoor Clinic”
Kingdom of Bahrain

"Masters in Breast Surgery is the most comprehensive breast augmentation course I ever attended. It covers all aspects in a very clear and step-by-step approach. Dr. Hammond is a master surgeon and great teacher.
The approach to breast surgery in this course is based on long term experience of one of the best breast surgeons in the world. The recorded surgery was very clear and easy to follow and explanatory of the knowledge part. I highly recommend this course for all plastic surgeons from novice to experts."
Dr. Aneley Porto
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon
Private Practice
Santa Fe, Argentina
"Surge is a very complete online platform to learn a lot of topics of plastic and reconstructive surgery,
I´ve found the podcasts an amazing new way to spread the knowledge."
Dr. Alberto Diaspro
Maxillo-facial Surgeon
“Rigeneralab- Regenerative Medicine Center”
Turin, Italy
"I have found myself quite interested in Surge. Even if these COVID times have switched most of education and training online, this project really looks to have been conceived to fit and to work best in these conditions.
I got the chance to appreciate the high profile of both the instructors and the sessions, along with the excellent digital skills of the staff, that allow Surge to be able to deliver a great learning experience."
Dr. Parrisa Aziminejadan
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon
"Laleh Hospital"
Tehran, Iran
"Surge helped me tremendously to improve my knowledge and practice through unbelievably practical and high-quality webinars.
You understand my unique circumstances and generously let me participate in the courses even though I had no access to online payment.
You provide special webinars for my colleagues to cover their educational needs. I was so surprised and honored when I was proposed by you to have your first "The Stage" event. I was so motivated, as well.
Surge commitment to educating specialists goes far beyond holding webinars and masterclasses."