Prof. Yoav Barnea
1 Modules 2 Hours
Oncoplastic Breast Procedures: Tissue Rearrangement in Breast Conservation

This course is a replay of the live Virtual Classroom. Learn highly practical skills for introducing new solutions and achieving successful outcomes in Oncoplastic Breast Procedures, including key anatomical landmarks, and techniques of tissue rearrangement to avoid complications that may occur after the procedure.

Prof. Burcu Celet Ozden
1 Modules 2 Hours
Direct to Implant – Current Trends in Breast Reconstruction

In this unique, comprehensive program, you will learn fundamental techniques, current trends, and highly practical operative strategies in immediate breast reconstruction. Develop the skills to perform a safe and reliable nipple-sparing mastectomy; perform DTI breast reconstruction using light-weight implants; explore muscle-sparing breast reconstruction in overweight patients or large breasts; understand radiotherapy compatibility, as well as rehabilitation and physiotherapy; review patient selection criteria and indications; discover complications management and case studies; and learn how to build a Multidisciplinary Team (MDT). This course is intended to cover your greatest concerns regarding breast reconstruction.

Dr. Alberto Diaspro
1 Modules 2 Hours
Pearls in Facial Rejuvenation

This replay of a live on-line classroom teaches practical, state-of-the-art techniques to achieve harmonious non-surgical facial rejuvenation. You will learn indications and techniques to master different tools, including subcutaneous fat, botulinum toxin, and hyaluronic acid. Discover the best practices to harvest and to inject subcutaneous liquid fat with a good stem cell component, to deliver regenerative rejuvenating stimulus to the facial skin. Learn how to address mimic wrinkles with botulinum toxin, and to restore mid-face contouring with hyaluronic acid applied in the deep layers. This course covers plenty of tips and tricks to avoid complications.

Dr. Dennis Hammond
1 Modules 2:00 Hours
Abdominoplasty Surgery: Planning, Techniques & Management of Complications

This course is the replay of our Live Virtual Classroom. You will learn highly practical skills for achieving successful outcomes and reducing complications in abdominoplasty surgery. Dr. Dennis Hammond shares clear and detailed techniques, pre- and intra-operative measurements and strategies, and key anatomical landmarks, to maximize the quality of the result of even the toughest abdominoplasty procedures. In this special program, you will see a variety of complex cases from nearly three decades of Dr. Hammond’s surgical career.

Prof. Maurizio Nava Prof. Alberto Rancati
1 Modules 2:30 Hours
Complications Prevention & Management Masterclass: Mastopexy & Breast Augmentation Surgery

This course is the replay of our Live Virtual Classroom.
You will learn practical skills in mastopexy augmentation surgery, and the host of potential challenges associated with it. Topics include pre-operative markings, patient indications and algorithms for surgical decision-making, technical aspects of surgery, and how to avoid and manage complications. Participants’ difficult cases are presented and discussed.

Dr. Peter C. Neligan Dr. Jaume Masia Dr. Claudio Angrigiani
1 Modules 1 hour 25 minutes
Webinar Masterclass: Challenging Flap Reconstruction Concepts

Flaps have long been considered one of the most challenging yet powerful tools in reconstructive surgery. However, do classical approaches truly provide the surgeon with a distinct advantage? In this webinar masterclass, our instructors present diverse points of view, controversies, and practical experiences, with the goal of re-examining conventional flap reconstruction.

Dr. Dennis Hammond
1 Modules 3:38 Hours
Masters in Breast Surgery

This course is the replay of our Live Virtual Classroom.
Learn advanced skills in breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Dennis Hammond takes a deep dive into topics including anatomy, management of the inframammary fold, incisions and pocket dissection, implant selection techniques, patient markings, technical steps, and management of complications.

Dr. Dennis Hammond
1 Modules 22 Mins
Surgical Pearls: Management of Gynecomastia

Learn proven techniques to safely treat gynecomastia, whilst reducing scarring and avoiding potential complications. Dr. Dennis Hammond presents the epidemoiology of gynecomastia, and an algorithm to help guide you through the surgical decision-making process.

Prof. Alberto Rancati Prof. Maurizio Nava Prof. Yoav Barnea
1 Modules 57 minutes
Webinar Masterclass Module 01: Treatment Options After Breast Cancer – Oncoplastic Reconstruction

Discover various treatment options and surgical techniques, based on a shared decision-making process with the patient.⁠ In this course, you will be guided through oncoplastic reconstruction, from patient indications, to step-by-step technique and procedural guidelines.

Prof. Alberto Rancati Prof. Maurizio Nava Prof. Dr. Alexandre Munhoz
1 Modules 1:28 Hours
Webinar Masterclass Module 02: Treatment Options After Breast Cancer – Conservative Mastectomies

This course takes a deep dive into conservative mastectomies, including skin-sparing and nipple-sparing mastectomies. You will learn about patient selection, surgical planning and techniques, risk factors, and how to avoid complications. The course also includes a section on novel approaches in fat-gratfting to reduce implant visibility.

Prof. Alberto Rancati Prof. Maurizio Nava Dr. Dennis Hammond
1 Modules 1:55 Hours
Webinar Masterclass Module 03: The SPAIR Mammaplasty – Technical Details and Results

From simple ptosis to extremes of macromastia, the Short Scar Peri-Areolar Inferior Pedicle Reduction (SPAIR) mammaplasty method can provide aesthetically pleasing and consistent results with few complications.⁠ In this course, Dr. Dennis Hammond, inventor of the SPAIR Technique, presents technical details and case studies to demonstrate his methodology of reduced scar breast reduction.⁠

Prof. Alberto Rancati Prof. Maurizio Nava Dr. Dennis Hammond
1 Modules 1:40 Hours
Webinar Masterclass Module 04: Treatment Options After Breast Cancer: Skin Reducing Mastectomy – Patient Selection and Surgical Techniques

Learn how to perform a skin reducing mastectomy from the creator of this technique, Prof. Maurizio Nava. This course covers methodologies and patient selection criteria for optimizing aesthetic and functional outcomes in immediate breast reconstruction.⁠

Prof. Alberto Rancati Prof. Christoph Andree
1 Modules 1:17 Hours
Webinar Masterclass: Novel Approaches in Autologous Breast Reconstruction

Learn a proven approach which may help lower the risk of complications in autologous free breast reconstruction. Maximize aesthetic outcomes and avoid mistakes through appropriate patient selection criteria and understanding risk factors, as well as crucial pre-, intra-, and post-operative considerations.

Prof. Christoph Andree
4 Modules 2:30 Hours
DIEP Flap Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction

Discover a proven metholodology for DIEP flap autologous breast reconstruction, to improve the safety, longevity and appearance of your patients’ outcomes. Prof. Andree provides in-depth, step-by-step instruction to help you avoid post-operative complications such as flap loss, and properly shape the breast to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. This course includes numerous pre-recorded surgeries and case studies.

Dr. Per Hedén
10 Modules 5 Hours
Building a Thriving Practice

Learn fundamental principles to boost your clinic’s performance, and acquire skills in secondary breast augmentation. You will discover how to establish your practice with limited resources, optimize the patient consultation and improve conversion rates, hire your team and develop a clinic culture, and market & brand your practice. Dr. Hedén then takes you inside the operating theatre, where you will receive clinical instruction on revision breast augmentation surgery. This course also covers post-procedural follow-up, and the importance of photo documentation.

Dr. Raúl Banegas
1 Modules 7 Mins
Current Concepts in Facial Aging

In this guided mini-course, our expert Dr Raúl Banegas presents the anatomy of the face and fundamental concepts of the aging process, to help you plan your patients’ aesthetic interventions and achieve harmonious, natural results in facial rejuvenation.

Dr. Raúl Banegas
1 Modules 7 Mins
Conceptos Actuales en Envejecimiento Facial

En este mini curso guiado, nuestro experto Dr. Raúl Banegas presenta la anatomía de la cara y los conceptos fundamentales del proceso de envejecimiento, para ayudarlo a planificar las intervenciones estéticas de sus pacientes y lograr resultados armoniosos y naturales en el rejuvenecimiento facial.

Prof. Alberto Rancati Dr. Per Hedén
1 Modules 1:23 Hours
Webinar Masterclass: Re-Opening Your Aesthetic Practice After COVID-19

Learn best practices for re-opening your practice after COVID-19, to ensure a safe environment for you and your patients. Dr. Per Hedén shares valuable insights from navigating through the process of safely reopening a medical aesthetic practice after COVID-19.