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Building a Thriving Practice

Learn fundamental principles to establish your private practice with limited resources, gain competency in secondary breast augmentation, and improve your patient consultations.

Lesson Plan

1. Introduction

Meet your new instructor: World-renowned plastic surgeon, educator and innovator, Dr. Per Hedén. In your first lesson, you will be introduced to Akademikliniken, and Dr. Hedén will review the course plan.

2. Building the Foundation

Akademikliniken was not always the large group of aesthetic clinics and hospitals that we see today. Dr. Hedén walks you through the critical early decisions that lay the path for success.

3. Case Studies in Patient Satisfaction

How you manage the patient relationship amidst unsatisfactory patient outcomes is crucial. Dr. Hedén provides his tips on how to turn such challenges into opportunities.

4. Hiring a Team & Creating a Winning Culture

Akademikliniken was founded on a shared vision of “Beauty Through Science,” a slogan which is integrated into every facet of the practice. In this module, Dr. Hedén and his team teach sustainable hiring principles to uphold a clinic’s culture.

5. The Patient Experience: A Session for Your Patient Coordinator

Akademikliniken’s most experienced nurses share precious insights into optimizing consultations, enhacing patient satisfaction, and boosting conversion rates.

6. Mastering the Consultation

How can you artfully communicate with patients, create rapport, and build a long-lasting relationship? Dr. Hedén reveals practical tips to attract and maintain a loyal patient base.

7. The Fundamentals of Facial Rejuvenation

Non-surgical facial rejuvenation is one of the most valuable components of any aesthetic clinic. Acquaint yourself with Dr. Hedén’s foundational principles, including cost- and time-effective solutions, for managing these aesthetic treatments.

8. The Procedure: Revision Aesthetic Breast Surgery

In this module, Dr. Heden performs secondary breast augmentation surgery. He will share his patient measurement process, surgical planning and techniques, and potential pitfalls.

9. Monitoring, Follow-up and On-going Patient Satisfaction

Dr. Hedén presents the ideal follow-up process for tracking patient outcomes, maintaining relationships, and effectively handling dissatisfied patients or complications.

10. Navigating Through Marketing and Social Media

The leadership team of Akademikliniken shares their own best practices in marketing the clinic.

The Instructors

Dr. Per Hedén

Dr. Per Hedén is a world renowned thought leader in plastic & reconstructive surgery as well as microsurgery. He is continuously on the forefront of innovation, and the co-founder of one of Europe – and arguably the world’s – foremost medical aesthetic practices, Akademikliniken in Stockholm, Sweden. He was the original architect of Beauty Through Science, an annual international conference showcasing the latest trends and best practices in both surgical and non-surgical aesthetic medicine.


Learn critical practice management concepts - and common pitfalls to avoid - for establishing your aesthetic clinic, as taught by the co-founder of one of the world's leading medical aesthetic institutions.
Understand the principles of branding your clinic, hiring and maintaining your staff, marketing your clinic, prioritizing early investments, and streamlining administration.
Gain practical skills in aesthetic breast surgery and facial rejuvenation; watch a revision aesthetic breast procedure and learn patient measurement and surgical techniques.
Improve patient consultations and ultimately optimize conversion rates; develop your skills in establishing rapport, building trust, managing challenges, mastering the follow-up process, and more.
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