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Current Concepts in Facial Aging

Discover current concepts in facial aging and fundamental concepts in anatomy, to help you plan your patients' non-surgical aesthetic interventions.

Lesson Plan

Current Concepts in Facial Aging

In this guided mini-course, our expert Dr Raúl Banegas presents the anatomy of the face and fundamental concepts of the aging process, to help you plan your patients’ aesthetic interventions and achieve harmonious, natural results in facial rejuvenation.

The Instructors

Dr. Raúl Banegas

Dr. Raul Banegas holds a degree in general surgery as well as a specialization in plastic and reconstructive surgery. In 1996, when the first Botolinum Toxin arrived to Argentina, Dr. Banegas was among the earliest users, and before that, in 1995, Dr. Banegas had started his work with injectables. At the present time, Dr. Banegas is the director of the prestigious Allergan Medical Institute in Argentina, and he gives courses and fellowships in his clinic in Buenos Aires.


Become familiar with the different facial planes, and understand how they are influenced by the aging process
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