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DIEP Flap Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction

Learn proven techniques in DIEP flap microsurgical breast reconstruction, how to create a better shape of the breast, and avoid & manage post-operative complications such as flap loss.

Lesson Plan

1. DIEP Flap Step-by-Step: Video Teaching

In this detailed, step-by-step instructional video, Prof. Andree shares a case study demonstrating the techniques used obtain reproducible results whilst minimizing the risk of complications.

2. Anastamosis Techniques in Breast Reconstruction

Through detailed video presentations, Prof. Andree shares important considerations and invaluable tips and tricks for mastering the anastamosis process.

3. Shaping of DIEP Flap in Breast Reconstruction

Prof. Andree explains in further detail about how to shape the breast in order to achieve aesthetically pleasing outcomes, and fulfilling patient wishes to the extent possible.

4. Managing Failed DIEP Flap Reconstruction

What happens when we fail with our DIEP Flap Reconstruction? What are our options, when do we stop to revise the flap, and how can we prevent complications? Prof. Andree covers this and more in case-based instruction that takes a deep dive into the management of challenges & complications.

The Instructors

Prof. Christoph Andree

Prof. Andree and his team have been setting standards all over Europe in the area of autologous breast reconstruction, performing more than 250 cases per year. Only a few physicians are able to present a similarly high number of cases – and therefore such extensive experience with respect to the so-called DIEP flap procedure. Prof. Andree has been a frequent speaker at international expert conferences, and his opinion is valued by his colleagues worldwide. Once a year, Prof. Andree facilitates the renowned International Breast Symposium Duesseldorf.


Understand the step-by-step technique used in DIEP flap breast reconstruction
Gain practical skills and expertise for the anastamosis procedure
Learn optimal methodologies for breast shaping in autologous breast reconstruction
Increase problem solving skills during complications; i.e. in the event of flap loss
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