Direct to Implant – Current Trends in Breast Reconstruction

Direct to Implant – Current Trends in Breast Reconstruction

In this unique, comprehensive program, you will learn fundamental techniques, current trends, and highly practical operative strategies in immediate breast reconstruction. Develop the skills to perform a safe and reliable nipple-sparing mastectomy; perform DTI breast reconstruction using light-weight implants; explore muscle-sparing breast reconstruction in overweight patients or large breasts; understand radiotherapy compatibility, as well as rehabilitation and physiotherapy; review patient selection criteria and indications; discover complications management and case studies; and learn how to build a Multidisciplinary Team (MDT). This course is intended to cover your greatest concerns regarding breast reconstruction.

Lesson Plan

Direct to Implant - Current Trends in Breast Reconstruction

What you will learn:

1 – Current trends in Breast Reconstruction surgery
2 – Practical strategies & techniques to perform safe and reliable nipple-sparing mastectomy
3 – DTI Breast Reconstruction using light-weight implants
4 – Specific techniques in muscle-sparing breast reconstruction for overweight patients and large breasts
5 – Patient selection criteria and indications
6 – Radiotherapy compatibility, rehabilitation & physiotherapy
7 – How to build a MultiDisciplinary Team in Breast Surgery

The Instructors

Prof. Burcu Celet Ozden

Prof. Celet Ozden is a pioneer in immediate direct-to-implant and muscle-sparing pre-pectoral breast reconstruction. Her research has focused on implant-based breast reconstruction and radiotherapy compatibility, as well as implant sizing and pre-pectoral DTI procedures. Prof. Celet Ozden possesses a genuine interest in breast and chest wall reconstruction, and works with several multi-disciplinary breast care teams and referral centers in Istanbul, where she plays an active role in treatment planning and reconstructive procedures,


Higlight current trends and standards in Oncological Breast Surgery
Understand the meaning and task of the MultiDisciplinary Team
Learn practical skills in immediate breast reconstruction with implants
Discover new treatment possibilities for selected patients
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