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Surgical Pearls: Management of Gynecomastia

Learn proven techniques to safely treat gynecomastia, whilst reducing scarring and avoiding potential complications.

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Surgical Pearls: Management of Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia can occur for a host of reasons. Correcting it may be a quite tricky procedure, resulting in deformities and excess scarring if an inappropriate technique is applied.⁠ In this program, Dr. Dennis Hammond presents best practices and algorithms to achieve optimal outcomes in correcting Gynecomastia.⁠

The Instructors

Dr. Dennis Hammond

Dr. Dennis Hammond is an American physician from Grand Rapids, Michigan, and one of the world’s most recognized figures in plastic and reconstructive surgery. He has authored numerous scientific papers, as well as the infamous textbook “Atlas of Aesthetic Breast Surgery.” Dr. Hammond is the associate editor for “Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery,” the main scientific journal for plastic surgeons around the world.


Understand epidemiology and various causes of gynecomastia, what challenges they present, and how they affect your treatment decisions.
Gain valuable tips to avoid deformities and excess scarring in the correction of gynocomastia
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