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Webinar Masterclass Module 02: Treatment Options After Breast Cancer – Conservative Mastectomies

Take a deep dive into conservative mastectomies, including skin-sparing and nipple-sparing mastectomies. You will learn about patient selection, surgical planning and techniques, risk factors, and how to avoid complications. Fat grafting techniques are also presented.

Lesson Plan

Webinar MasterClass Series, Module 02: Treatment Options After Breast Cancer - Conservative Mastectomies

In the second module of our Webinar Masterclass Series, “Treatment Options After Breast Cancer,” the faculty will share their experience and knowledge in Conservative Mastectomies, including the management of complications, innovations in fat grafting, and DTI breast reconstruction

The Instructors

Prof. Alberto Rancati

Prof. Alberto Rancati MD, PhD, graduated in 1984 from medical school at University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and is Board-certified in General Surgery and Plastic Surgery. He undertook his training in Plastic and Oncologic surgery in Italy and USA. He is an active member of ASPS, ISAPS, SACPER (Sociedad Argentina de Cirugia Plastica, and AAC (Asociacion Argentina de Cirugia).

Prof. Maurizio Nava

One of the most recognized figures in breast reconstruction surgery, Prof. Maurizio Nava is the past Head of the Plastic Surgery Unit at the Instituto Masionale dei Tumori in Milan, Italy, as well as the Contract Professor in Plastic Surgery Universita degli Studi di Genova, Italy. He heads the annual MBN Aesthetic Breast Meeting which takes place yearly in Milan.

Prof. Dr. Alexandre Munhoz

Prof.Dr. Alexandre Mendonça Munhoz is the head of the Breast Reconstruction Department of the Cancer Institute of São Paulo, as well as the Department of Plastic Surgery of the Moriah Hospital. He was elected by ASPS as Associated Editor of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Global Open Journal. He has published numerous scientific papers and has received dozens of scientific awards related to plastic surgery research.


Learn about DTI breast reconstruction according to patients’ wishes and breast anatomical features⁠
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Discover current improvements in fat grafting⁠
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