31 Dec 2020
How I Doubled my Practice Year After Year Dr. Oren Weissman

Data show that plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures have become even more popular during the pandemic, with 64% of U.S. surgeons seeing a rise in their telemedicine consultations vs. prior to the pandemic (ASPS, June 2020). Historically – and perhaps even ironically – global and economic crises are often paired with an increase spend on aesthetics and one’s appearance. Regardless of unpredictable industry trends, our guest, Dr. Oren Weissman, has been able to exponentially grow his clinic, using time-tested principles and non-traditional methods of communication, including NLP and subliminal communication. Dr. Weissman has made it his mission to share with other Medical Practitioners these secrets and techniques, which have improved the efficacy of his messaging, enhanced the patient experience and sentiment, and forged a deeper connection while growing his practice significantly.

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29 Sep 2020
Patient Expectations in Breast Reconstruction Dr. Aldona J. Spiegel

When starting the breast reconstruction process, patients are often scared and anxious amidst having to make many important decisions about their treatment and lives. To choose the best possible solution, the surgeon can uncover the patient’s true wishes – but these are not always so evident. Often, the surgeon’s ideal does not match the patient’s, and adjustments must be made, which is an important concept in fulfilling patient’s expectations. Today’s episode is about identifying and understanding patients’ expectations in the breast reconstruction process, and being able to deliver upon these.

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30 Jun 2020
Dr. Dennis Hammond: “My Journey” Dr. Dennis Hammond

Dr. Dennis Hammond is without a doubt an iconic figure in the field of plastic & reconstructive surgery . From surgeon, to author, editor, and inventor, Dr. Hammond has taught so many doctors around the world how to achieve beautiful, safe and reproducible results. He has also participated in nearly every known breast implant study since 1990. In this episode, find out how Dr. Hammond established his career as one of the most sought-after educators in plastic surgery – all whilst maintaining his private practice in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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27 Apr 2020
Mastering the Virtual Consultation Mr. Marc Pacifico

With most of the world under some form of quarantine or social distancing, consultations for many medical procedures are being conducted remotely. How does one maintain professionalism, trust, and the desired physician-patient rapport in a virtual environment? Mr Marc Pacifico (Tunbridge Wells, U.K.) shares his tips, checklist and best practices to conducting the optimal virtual consultation for aesthetic procedures.

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7 Apr 2020
Current Concepts in Facial Aging Dr. Raul Banegas

Understanding the fundamental concepts of facial aging is crucial for planning aesthetic interventions, and for creating natural and pleasing results in facial rejuvenation. In this episode, Dr Raul Banegas will present the anatomy of the face and the aging process, as well as guidelines for appropriate patient selection, and some surprising potential contraindications.

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25 Mar 2020
A Physician’s Experience During the COVID-19 Crisis in Italy Prof. Roy de Vita

This episode addresses the Italian experience during the COVID-19 pandemic, from the perspective of Professor Roy de Vita, who works in one of Italy’s leading oncological institutes. We discuss this insider’s view of the situation, how it is affecting the public health care system as well as private practices, what can be done to mitigate the risks, and how this may affect the future of plastic, reconstructive, and aesthetic medicine.

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15 Mar 2020
Needle vs. the Knife Dr. Per Hedén

Dr. Per Hedén, co-founder of Scandinavian medical aesthetic group Akademikliniken, globally renowned educator and perpetual innovator, joins host Debbie Battat to discuss the current debate of non-surgical vs. surgical facial rejuvenation, when, in whom, and why, and potential pitfalls of each choice.

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1 Mar 2020
The Foundations of an Enduring Medical Aesthetic Practice Prof. Alberto Rancati

In our very first episode, host Debbie Battat speaks with Professor Alberto Rancati, world-renowned educator and plastic & reconstructive surgeon, a leader in the future of medical training, and now, Surge’s Chief Medical Officer. Here, he gets candid about the power of trust in attracting patients, reflects on his journey to creating a successful private aesthetic practice, and explains the common characteristics of some of the great names in plastic surgery.

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